The Mission

To provide high quality osteopathic care to help you regain and maintain your optimal health.

What I do

I offer osteopathy and sports massage treatments in the Surrey village of Brockham.

Where to find the practice

Please see the contact page for a map and directions

Why Bodywright?

A shipwright is someone who works with ships, a cartwright works with carts and so on…. since I work with the human body, Bodywright seemed very appropriate.

The Bodywright logo

The figure in the logo is intended to convey health, vitality and pain-free movement – things we all want to experience!

The tagline “osteopathy for life” refers to the suitability of osteopathy for all ages and its ability to help with much of what life in general throws at us.

Bodywright logo

A little bit about me

I originally trained as a scientist, obtaining a first degree in chemistry from The University of Bath and subsequently a PhD in organic chemistry from The University of Southampton.  After spending about 15 years carrying out research into new drug treatments, a combination of circumstances led me towards a career change to osteopathy.  Following another 4 years of study at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Surrey, during which I obtained a 1st class degree in osteopathy and a Distinction in sports massage, I now practice as an osteopath in the Surrey village of Brockham.